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With Adventure or Luxury, Big Earth has created at once an exciting and engaging television series and an ideal vehicle for brands to showcase their products and services in a natural, authentic manner. Exploring a country in depth, each series focuses on seemingly opposing styles of travel - but it quickly becomes apparent there are more similarities than you might suggest.

Series one was set in Thailand: adventures included rock climbing, diving, river rafting and jungle trekking, whilst the more comfortable side of travel was demonstrated in beautiful hotels, exquisite food, yachts and supercars.

For this series a number of brands joined us, including Triumph Motorcycles, Exodus Travels, Thai Airways, The Thailand Tourism Authority, Hamilton Watches and Billingham Bags.

By carefully managing each partner's needs and asset requirements, we were able to amplify the exposure for all of our partners through each other's social and marketing channels.

Series one gained social reach into the millions, UK TV viewers numbering over 1.5m on Sky Showcase TV and Amazon Prime. Then the series is sold into more than 30 overseas territories, gaining total reach of more than 10m viewers.

ROI exceeding 15:1 has been gained by our partner brands for the show alone. But they then each have a library of unique assets, video and stills photography, that they use across their own marketing channels

We are currently planning series two of this exciting concept show, so if you want to be part of it, just drop us a line or give us a call, and let's have a chat.  |

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