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Prince Harry embarks on a journey of discovery as he travels to Lesotho, the South African country where he spent part of his gap year a decade ago, to see what progress has been made on the projects set up by his charity Sentebale.

In a unique and intimate interview at Kensington Palace, Tom Bradby discovers the personal motivations that drove Prince Harry to co-found Sentebale to help children and young people affected by HIV and Aids. Travelling through beautiful and challenging scenery, the film captures the moment Prince Harry is reunited with Mutsu, a local teenager the Prince met on his first visit to Lesotho. With guest appearances from Sir Elton John, Chris Martin and Joss Stone, the film shows Prince Harry mature from a boy to a man, determined to use his unique position to do good.

The show was distributed globally, earning Sentebale and Prince Harry a worldwide audience and recognition of a hugely worthwhile charity  |

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