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Stunning Filmed Travel Content For Your Digital Campaign


Big Earth Productions has been behind some of the biggest travel films and TV series around. From Long Way Round and Long Way Down, to Prince Harry in Africa and David Beckham's global challenge, For The Love of The Game, and many more.

Big Earth Digital, born out of the TV production business, creates digital campaigns centred around "quietly" branded adventure videos and films. These short, unscripted films are the perfect platform to get a targeted brand message across with inbuilt integrity and authenticity that your audience will engage with.

We have recognised that there is so much video content produced that is either advertising in disguise or simply (in the travel space), yet another travel film, showing destinations or services in the same way as everyone else: often beautiful films but essentially the same old destination adverts.


78% of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing
Consumers are turning away from bad  advertising –
40% scroll past
63% of people say "Most ads I see online don't look polished or professional”
Consumers want to be entertained and informed -
90% find custom content useful
98% of marketers consider celebrity involvement effective in social media promotion

What we do is create stories: journeys taken by well-known faces (the hook) that really engage the audience, are hugely shareable and encourage viewers to watch to the end – and then, through the activation strategy, lead to a defined action. The films are non-scripted, the journey unfolds naturally and so there is an authenticity to each film that we believe is part of their success in a cynical world. These films have generated millions of views, tens of thousands of clicks and new business for our clients.

The celebrity is a key part of this process - and we are very careful to match that person to the brand's and film's target market using our many existing celebrity contacts and working relationships with top agencies.
This approach is a great way to launch new products, destinations or perhaps key or new partnerships - or simply to promote products, services and values in a softer manner, with integrity and authenticity.
Russ Malkin's Big Earth has produced many incredible and hugely successful travel TV shows and it’s that experience that makes what we do so real with that adventurous or experience-lead touch that consumers are looking for these days. We pride ourselves on the quality of filming, production and editing , reflecting the quality that your brand stands for. It is this too that attracts organisations such as British Airways, Visit California, Eurotunnel, Triumph Motorcycles and Jaguar Cars to work with us.











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